The concern for and maintenance of health and wellness has been very much a part of Eastern culture since time immemorial. This has allowed the practice to develop into something of a fine part, and in Malaysia , influences from various ancient therapies have been infused into traditional Malay therapy. Spa and wellness programmes in Malaysia that combine traditional methods alongside modern ones can offer the visitor an delightful experience.

Although the tradition has long existed in the region, Malaysia 's home-grow spa treatment has usually been limited to home environments and rural populations. Most Malay women, for example, would undergo such treatment the day before their wedding and this would include at least a flower bath and a rubdown with soothing oils prior to having decorative henna placed on their hands and feet. Only when that has been done would the Mak Andam or traditional wedding planner, who is conversant with the tenets of the wedding tradition, be ready to make up and dress the bride the following day.

Today, these curative and relaxing treatments are accessible to more than just brides-to-be and practically anybody can avail themselves of a wide variety of spa sessions designed to revitalise your body and soul.

These sessions include day spas for those seeking a brief respite from the ravages of work, from a strenuous adventure holiday or for those simply wishing to pamper themselves.

A number of spa resorts have extended programs for those wanting to fully immerse themselves in longer holistic treatments. These include a healthy diet and meditation exercises such as yoga. Medical spas are also available in which traditional and complementary medical programs including post-surgical procedures and convalescence are combined in a stress-free and soothing environment.

Among the many types of treatment available are the age-old Javanese beauty and wellness regimens which include cream-bath hair treatments using essentials like coconut milk, aloe vera and crushed hibiscus as well as jamu preparations, made of medicinal plants and local herbs mixed with natural sweeteners like honey or palm sugar to counter the bitter taste of some of its more exotic ingredients. These preparations have long been consumed in Indonesia and Malaysia for their detoxifying and health-enhancing properties. The ingredients used in all these treatments are freshly prepared and contain no chemical additives.

Ayurvedic treatments, a heritage from India, are also found in Malaysia spas. While most hotel-based spas may offer Ayurvedic massage, there are a few establishments that provide a wider range of Ayurvedic treatments, including the Shirodhara oil-pour.

From the Far East, the practice of acupressure is coming back in style with spas around Malaysia offering treatments such as foot reflexology and Shiatsu massage in addition to the more common deep tissue massages. Among the many locations available, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning Spa Village at Pangkor Laut Resort stands out as a perfect private holiday getaway. Pangkor Laut Resort is located on a 120-hectare privately-owned island of the same name off the west coast, in the Straits of Malacca.

The Sembunyi Spa at the Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa is another wonderful choice. Located in the heart of Cyberjaya, just next to the modern federal administrative capital of Putrajaya, and nestled amongst award-winning tropical gardens, it offers a myriad of traditional Asian-style body treatments, facials and massages, a gym and pool facilities as well as a Jacuzzi, steam room and sauna.

The Mandara Spa at The Datai Langkawi is one of Asia's most beautiful tropical rainforest spas. The Datai, located on the north-western tip of Langkawi Island, is set above a secluded cove with its own white sand beach facing the peaceful Andaman Sea. The Mandara Spa offers innovative interpretations of classic Asian beauty and body care traditions in exotic open-air villas set in the natural beauty of a tropical rainforest.

Spas are no longer an indulgence. While regular medical check-ups take care of our physical health, some suggest that regular spa sessions contribute positively towards our mental and emotional health. Malaysia provides a serene and picturesque backdrop for the health rituals that are among the oldest in the world. So, whatever your stress-relief needs might be, there's a spa here for you.

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